As with composing music, Kevin first started writing song lyrics for Dando Shaft because of a desire to sing his own songs.  There is something special about lyrics which could also serve as poems, and Kevin’s invariably do that. Words harbouring love and loss, redemption and betrayal, consciousness and humanity, and enigmatic phrases which comment on the state of the world. It’s all in there.

“The lion roared at the chosen one and the roof of the world got trampled on….”

(The Lion)

“It comes down to dishes sometimes; it comes down to the floor…..”

(Leaving in a Hurry Blues)

Dr. Jonathan Day, in his 2016 book Lyrics (ISBN 978-10911048-19-0 Zest Press) included Kevin’s song, Living On Dreams:

“Answers to questions take you high and low, some take forever ‘cos nobody knows,

Some tell you truly that its mine all mine, but sundials in the moonlight always tell the wrong time.”